Breeding – australian cattle dog

joker show kingstonThe Australian Shepherd is a breed belonging to a group of shepherd dogs and herding dogs. He is a strong and agile dog, with a massive build, bred in Australia to drive cattle during long and exhausting expeditions to the market. Its basic advantages are: durability and versatility at work. He works quietly and often alone, controlling the cattle thoroughly and with little effort. He is efficient and alert, not barking at all. In the country of his origin he is a popular family dog.

Australian cattle dog (ACD) is a hard, physically and mentally resistant dog. His goal and the greatest pleasure is work. This does not mean that the ACD must necessarily live in the countryside and chase cattle. It is important that he has a task to do. It works perfectly in all dog sports, such as obedience, agility, flyball, tracking, and IPO.

Contact with the owner, whom he is extremely loyal to, is very important for him. He tolerates other family members. The greatest punishment for the australian cattle dog is isolation from people.

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