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A horse breed with very good athletic musculation. Delicate, wedge-shaped head, small ears and large eyes. The neck is straight, low set with a small mane. Shoulders long. Withers broadly outlined. Strong back, deep and wide chest. Croup beheaded, long, well muscled. Tail set low with scant hair. Limbs strong and dry, small hooves without brushes. Flat gaits, extremely fast gallop on short sections. High maneuverability and durability. They are knowledgeable horses in training and work. There are all basic ointments. They reach a height at the withers of the order of 148 – 155 cm.

Quarter Horse was created from a mixture of blood of Spanish horses and imported from England. It owes its name to the popular quarter mile race organized on the streets of settlements. This breed became famous because it was characterized by maneuverability, calmness, intelligence and “cattle sense”. Today, the care over the Quarter Horse race, in order to popularize and preserve its pattern, is exercised in 1940 by an association of American Quarter Horse Association breeders based in Amarillo, Texas and regional branches all over the world, including Poland. Quarter Horse horses are very popular, as useful for racing equally, but above all for reining, trail, rodeo and recreational driving.